Owner Registration Form PDF

HPCC Owner Registration Form 03.16

By-Laws PDF

A publication for all property owners of Community Corporation of High Point. This Document provides all owners the day to day functions and written rules that control the inner affairs of Community Corporation of Highpoint.

HPCC Community By-Laws 03.16

Rules & Regulations PDF

An important document for all residents to adhere to. Its purpose is to maintain and enhance the appearance of our community, maintain living standards, and maintain our property values.

HPCC Rules and Regulations 03.16

Master Plan 2011 PDF

Coming Soon

Single Family

A one family home.


Duplex (2 family units).


3 units to 12 unit Buildings.


Building lots are still available for purchase in HPCC.

Please call the Highpoint Country Club Office for the breakdown of the individual costs of Dues for the above descriptions of properties.

The Rules and Regulations list the fines for violations under the individual subject paragraphs and sections.