For Residents

Mission Statement

The Mission of Highpoint Country Club, Inc. is to be a premier property owners’ association in all aspects, especially in maintaining community property, providing a secure environment, preserving a quality/natural setting, meeting the needs of members for community services, maintaining and enhancing property values, and fostering a sense of community for all residents.

The Highpoint Country Club Community consists of Owners and Renters. We are a very diverse group consisting of persons of all ages, religions, ethnicity, beliefs, and skills. As residents living together our goal is to promote a spirit of friendliness, respectfulness, volunteerism, and extend a helping hand to our neighbors if needed.

Here is a listing of the current committees. Feel free to call the Highpoint Country Club Office at 973-293-3401 to obtain additional information.

Grievance Committee – Owners only. Violations of the Rules and Regulations.
Neighborhood Watch Committee – Observe and Report
Activities Committee – Picnics, Movie Night, Parents/Kids fishing contests, etc.
Beautification Committee – Planting flowers, maintaining community flower beds.
Infrastructure Committee – Suggest, Discuss, Plan projects that need to completed in the community.


Board of Trustees

  • Joseph Krumpfer – President
  • Phillip Galfo – Vice President
  • Zhanna Kelley – Treasurer
  • Julio Lopez – Member
  • Thomas Andrisano – Secretary


  • (973) 293-3401
  • Dot Rude – Property Manager
  • Kelly Peters – Comet Onsite Management

Meetings and Workshops (for owners only)

View the Website Calendar or the Bulletin Board near the Front Entrance to Highpoint Country Club.

Township Office

Township of Montague Municipal Office
277 Clove Road, Montague, NJ 07827
Phone: 973-293-7300

Community Association

Highpoint Country Club (Community Corporation of Highpoint) is a private lake community located in Montague, N.J.

Our Bylaws confirm the existence of our Community, explain its structure, and define its Governance and Rules.

Our Rules and Regulations were established and adopted by the Community Association to regulate the Community Associations operations along with the activities of its members in order to promote a safe, healthy, and attractive Community.

Emergency Services

  • Emergency: 911
  • State Police: 973-383-1515
  • Sussex County Sheriff: 973-579-0850
  • Blue Ridge Rescue Squad: 973-948-4828
  • Poison Control: 800-222-1222

Other Important Numbers

  • Ayres Sanitation Garbage Collection: 973-948-3352
  • Waste Management Garbage Collection: 800-745-5616
  • Sussex County Board of Health: 973-579-0370
  • Division of Social Services: 973-383-3600
  • Montague Post Office: 973-293-7444
  • Wantage Animal Control (Montague): 973-875-9390
  • JCP&L Electric Company: 800-662-3115


Resident Renters must register with the office yearly, and have their photo’s taken in order to obtain their ID cards and Guest pass.


It is the owner’s responsibility to pay the $50.00 registration fee and provide their Resident Renters a copy of the Rules and Regulations.